Monday, 26 June 2017

The Female Perspective: Ocean Clinic Appoints Dr. Sonja Kästner

Ocean Clinic is delighted to announce the permanent appointment of Doctor Sonja Kästner.

Dr. Kästner joined Ocean Clinic 18 months ago as a resident doctor under Head Surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye. Having successfully completed her training, she will now spend two weeks per month practicing at Ocean Clinic in Marbella and two weeks per month practicing at a private clinic in Cologne, Germany.

We caught up with Dr. Kästner to find out what she hopes to offer patients in Marbella…

What are your areas of specialism within plastic surgery?

“Prior to joining Ocean Clinic I spent three and a half years as a plastic surgery resident at Clinic Merheim, a big clinic in Cologne that belongs to the university of Witten-Herdecke. It is the second biggest department for burns in Germany so I did a lot of burns surgery and reconstructive surgery as well as microsurgery and hand surgery.

“Here at Ocean Clinic, I have developed my expertise in body contouring surgery like liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), brachioplasty (arm lift) and also in breast surgery. What I would like to do more of in the future is female genital surgery like labiaplasty.”

What interests you about labiaplasty in particular?

“At medical school I chose urology (conditions relating to the urinary tract) as my area of specialist study and I feel genital surgery is a natural extension. I think there are few female plastic surgeons practicing in this area and I feel like, as a woman, there might be some demand.

“I think interest in labiaplasty surgery is growing, although women, especially in germany, are not always comfortable talking about it. They are beginning to talk about breast surgery but they try not to talk about their private parts. However, if I just talk among my friends there are a lot of upcoming questions about it.”

Is labiaplasty about creating “designer vaginas”?

“No, it’s not just about looks. There are a lot of women who have suffered minor injuries during giving birth and have scarring. In some cases, they have experienced hormonal changes during the pregnancy and now have bigger labias than they had before. This is quite uncomfortable, especially if you like to go cycling.

“Labiaplasty is less about design and more about reconstruction. It might help give sensitivity back during sex because if you have a lot of skin covering the clitoris you may experience less feeling. This can be improved by having a labiaplasty.”

What have been the highlights of your time at Ocean Clinic so far?
“I’ve learned so much from working with Dr. Kaye, particularly the special needs of private patients. He’s really good with patients; in guessing what they really want because they may not be able to find the right words for it themselves.

“From a surgical point of view, I was absolutely fascinated by his knowledge in facelifts and facial surgery, as well as breast surgery, which we perform almost daily. The training he has given me has been extremely comprehensive.”

Ocean Clinic will organise an international plastic surgery meeting for 90 surgeons later this month. What role will you play?

“I was involved with the event last year and this year even more so. I’ve been involved with the planning; deciding the operations we’re going to do, who's going to do it and choosing the patients. During the conference I will be assisting to the operating doctors and again, as last year, moderating.

“Within my time here at Ocean Clinic, I have also been invited to speak at two annual meetings of the German national plastic surgery associations.”

What do you feel you bring to the Ocean Clinic team?

“As a woman, I believe I have a certain sensitivity that enables me to understand easier and quicker what a female patient wants, especially when it comes to genital or breast surgery. Dr. Kaye and I make a good team, to bring both the male and female perspectives.

“At 34, I’m also the same age as the average patient seeking treatment here, so I’m able to identify well with them.”

You look so young! Do you have to reassure patients about your experience?

“Yes, patients often think I look younger than I am and ask if I am experienced enough, but I am now in my eighth year of surgery. I went through really good personal training after the usual six and a half years at medical school; including practical experience in urology, internal medicine and two years of general surgery and intensive care medicine.

“I went on to become a resident doctor in a large medical centre in Cologne where I was trained in microsurgery, hand traumatology, burns and reconstructive surgery. From the third year in my residency, I was performing operations on my own, so I have much experience. Don’t be deceived by my appearance!”

To arrange an appointment with Dr. Kästner, contact Ocean Clinic on 951 775 518.

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