Thursday, 8 June 2017

Gender Confirmation Procedures Jump Nearly 20% in One Year

Transgender individuals are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgeons to become the people they want to be.

According to figures just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there has been a nearly 20% increase in the number of “gender confirmation” procedures being carried out in the US.

There were 3,256 gender confirmation procedures last year; these included an array of elective facial, chest, and genital surgeries performed on transgender patients.
An uptick was seen in breast/chest operations and procedures to help make the face more masculine or feminine. Genital surgery made up only a small percentage of overall surgeries.
The number of transgender men (people who identify as male but were assigned female at birth) seeking surgery increased the most (27% increase vs. 10% for transgender women).
The ASPS review only looked at procedures carried out in the US, but Spain has also witnessed a significant increase in the number of gender confirmation surgeries carried out. Home to FACIALTEAM, a global leader in this field, patients travel from across the globe to receive treatment right here in Marbella.

We are Specialists in Facial Feminization

Ocean Clinic Marbella is proud to be a part of FACIALTEAM. Head surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye and Oral & Maxillofacial specialist Dr. Luis Capitán work together with other specialists to provide trans patients with a complete suite of facial feminization surgeries (FFS).
One of the treatments attracting attention is a revolutionary combined approach to forehead reconstruction and hairline feminization, which has recently been published in the ASPS’s medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
The advanced techniques used by FACIALTEAM provide better aesthetic results than the traditional hairline lowering surgery (HLS). It is a very widely held misconception, even among FFS surgeons, that the female forehead is shorter than that of a male, but it is actually higher when measured proportionally against the rest of the facial features.
So instead of lowering the hairline, hair is transplanted to minimise the peaks and recessions that create the characteristic M-shape of the male hairline. As well as rounding out the overall shape, the procedure also seeks to optimise hair density.

Many patients are able to obtain much more impressive results from their forehead reconstruction surgery when it is enhanced with a hairline feminization procedure. The combined approach developed by FACIALTEAM allows both procedures to be performed in a single operation, with no visible scars.
Dr. Luis Capitán will discuss the pioneering technique in front of 90 surgeons from around Europe and Africa, when they attend the 2nd annual MIPSS. The plastic surgery summer camp is organised by Ocean Clinic Marbella to facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
Also on the agenda are sessions on reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, facelift surgery and body reshaping. A number of live surgeries will be performed at Ocean Clinic Marbella and live broadcast into the conference hall.

For more information about the gender confirmation procedures available at Ocean Clinic Marbella and FACIALTEAM, contact

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