Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Keeping Abreast of the News

Ocean Clinic’s Dr Kaye hears about the latest developments in breast surgery at Düsseldorf conference

A new generation of breast implants will give patients a greater choice of shapes, meaning a better fit for all body types.

The soon to be available 6th generation implants are made from highly form-stable silicone, offering more precision in shape than ever before.

This innovation was just one of the topics featured on the programme of the 3rd International Breast Symposium Düsseldorf (IBSD), which took place April 17-18.

Ocean Clinic’s Dr Kaye attended the conference to hear renowned national and international plastic surgeons and breast cancer specialists discuss current developments in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

He says: “The meeting presented some fascinating new possibilities for breast augmentation, all geared towards better mimicking the silhouette of a natural breast, such as using fat instead of implants.

“We also looked at the effects of using acellular dermal matrix (a biological fabric used in surgical procedures) to support breast tissue in breast uplift, reduction and reconstruction procedures.

The dermal matrix provides a scaffold upon which the patient’s own cells can repopulate and revascularize the breast tissue. It has been used with great success in various reconstructive techniques, particularly for treating burns, and the indications for breast surgery are exciting.”

Are you considering breast surgery? Make an appointment to hear about all the latest surgical advancements now on offer at Ocean Clinic. Refer to our before and after gallery to see the quality of results achieved.

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