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Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Treatments in Marbella

You only have to look at the designer shops of Puerto Banus, to know that Marbella is a place where people like to look good. It will probably come as no surprise, then, to learn that cosmetic and plastic surgery is very popular here.

It’s a great place to have it, too, because of the high quality of care available. In fact, the area is now gaining attention globally as a destination for plastic surgery. This has been aided by Ocean Clinic, which hosts a conference bringing more than 150 plastic surgeons from around the world to Marbella every year.

If you’re curious to know what treatments the people around you are most likely to have had done, read on for a run-down of the top five performed procedures here in Marbella.

Such are the popularity of Botox injections in Marbella, you probably know more people who’ve had them than you think. In the past, it was easier to spot someone who had had Botox because practitioners had not developed such skill in administering it. This led to the ‘frozen face’ expressionless look that became synonymous with this procedure.

These days, Botox can be carried out with much subtler results. The idea is to stop the wrinkles, not the expressions. Achieving this relies on having an understanding of the facial muscles - if you know exactly where to inject and how much is needed, you can easy-away forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet, without preventing the show of emotion. Through skilled application of Botox, you can even lift the brow area, giving the impression of a mini facelift. Thanks to its versatility, and relative affordability, Botox is popular with women and men of all ages.

Large pouts are highly desired in 2018 and you will certainly notice some walking down the street. Unfortunately, this is another procedure where some people go overboard and opt for overfilling. When lips are made too large for a person’s face they can put it out of balance. A far more complementary look can be achieved with a conservative approach.

Filler can be used to refill areas where volume has been lost through age and plump out around the cupid’s bow. The focus should be on achieving a beautiful shape rather than a large size. Carried out with hyaluronic acid filler, the results will last for up to a year, but a longer-lasting alternative is a patient’s own body fat. Fat grafting, as it is known, is becoming increasingly popular - especially at Ocean Clinic Marbella, where Head Surgeon Dr. Kaye is a specialist in the procedure.

When it comes to surgical procedures, breast enlargement is the most commonly requested in Marbella. Most patients are seeking to increase their bust size by around three sizes. The most popular implant size is between 350-400cc and most women here opt for round, high profile implants.

To help you choose the size that’s right for you, your surgeon will take various chest measurements. They’ll also look at other factors such as the shape of your breast bone and the amount of soft tissue you have. You’ll then be able to try sizers on to see how the implants could look. Breast enlargement has a very high level of patient satisfaction, bringing confidence for those previously worried about filling out their bikini tops.

With Marbella’s great weather and beach culture, people here tend to wear less clothing and spend much of the time in swimwear. It’s no doubt why liposuction is the second most requested surgery after breast enlargement. Liposuction is popular with both men and women, with the key areas people wish to have treated being the ‘love handles’ and ‘muffin tops’ around the waist and tummy.

Other areas of stubborn fat people commonly want addressed include ‘saddle bags’ around the hips, ‘banana rolls’ beneath the buttocks and fat from the thighs. Liposuction to the thighs is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the recent body craze for having a ‘Toblerone tunnel’ - a triangular-shaped gap at the top of the thighs. At Ocean Clinic, we use water jet-assisted liposuction, which is extra gentle and minimises trauma, resulting in faster and better healing.

Marbella is a popular retirement destination for people from all over Europe and is a place retirees can enjoy a great quality of life, with lots of opportunities for socialising. As such, the older generation here are major consumers of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Facelifts, especially, are highly in demand with those aged over 50 - particularly at Ocean Clinic, which is famous for its ‘PAVE AquaLift’. The procedure is carried out using water jet-assisted liposuction (WAL), which helps to gently separate the facial skin and tissue and remove unwanted fat deposits. WAL is then used to harvest fat from the body, which is grafted to the face in areas where volume has been lost. The result is that you might have great difficulty guessing a person’s age in Marbella!

For world-class cosmetic and plastic surgery here in Marbella, contact Ocean Clinic on 951 775 518.

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