Thursday, 28 September 2017

Penis Enhancement Now Available at Ocean Clinic Marbella

Ocean Clinic Marbella is delighted to announce the addition of a new treatment for men - penis enhancement.

Dr. Kästner
The procedure, which can offer male patients an increase in both penis length and thickness, is offered by Doctor Sonja Kästner.  We asked her to tell us all about it...

Why has Ocean Clinic decided to add penis enhancements to its list of treatments?

The idea to bring penis enhancement surgery to Marbella results from my work in Germany in the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten in Cologne. I work there two weeks per month alongside Doctor Timo Spanholtz. He has specialised in penis enhancements for years and has now trained me in the procedure.

Penis enhancement seems to be big trend. We’ve seen a rise in operations and we’re now doing it two to three times weekly. Here, in the Costa del Sol region, there is nobody offering this procedure and we think there might be some demand. I’m pleased to be able to bring my experience in penis enhancement to Marbella.

What are the modern techniques for carrying out a penis enhancement?

There are different techniques; you could work with a silicon prosthesis but if avoidable I would rather not use a prosthesis because this can cause a lot of problems. What we mostly do is a combination of a penis enlargement to increase the length and a fat transfer to augment the thickness.

The penis enlargement is done by cutting the ligament that pins the penis to the pelvic bone. The erectile tissue is attached to the pelvic bone through that ligament. Due to this, one to four centimetres are hidden inside the body. If you cut this ligament you can pull the penis out and gain length.

Unfortunately you can’t promise the patient if it will be four centimetres or, if in his case, it will be only one centimetre. This is because you can’t examine it before the operation; the only way is to open up the area. However, in some cases you really can gain as much as four centimeters in length.

Are there any side effects of cutting the ligament?

Not to the function of the penis or the erectile tissue because the nerves are really far away from where you cut. The only thing that happens is the penis, which normally in the erect state stands up at around 150 degrees, won’t come up as high; 90 degrees at the most. You can often see this in the porn industry because there are a lot of men who have already had it done and you will notice the penis doesn’t come up as high.

How do you augment the thickness of the penis?

We use liposuction to take fat from wherever you have it, perhaps your love handles. Then we can inject between 20 to 50 millilitres directly under the skin of the penis, around the shaft. The results here are more foreseeable; you can gain one to two centimetres of extra girth. It works well.

You can also do a fat transfer to the glans penis (head of the penis) and then it appears fuller and a little bit enhardened.

It’s better to use your own fat rather than a synthetic filler because it’s entirely natural and will also provide a permanent change - whereas fillers are eventually absorbed into the body, fat that gains a blood supply will become permanent tissue.

Are there scars left on the penis after penis enhancement?

Not directly on the penis as the fat transfer doesn’t leave any scars. In the region of the pelvic zone there is an incision made across the pubic area of 2.5-3 cms, which is closed with dissolvable stitches. Normally that area heals pretty well, however it is a hairy area so you can hide it the scar if you want.

Is penis enhancement a painful procedure?

No it’s not. You have to really take care of yourself for a week afterwards because there is a risk of haematoma, which can then be painful but the procedure itself is not painful. What you should keep in mind however, is that the penis enhancement is not done with only the operation. You also need to wear a vacuum suction device called a PeniMaster.

Scar tissue needs six weeks to be stable so you should wear this device during this period to keep the length we gained during the operations. The longer you can wear it each day, the better but the minimum is two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. Alternatively, you can put it on during the night and sleep wearing it.

Do patients stay overnight in the clinic following penis enhancement?

It is not a necessity but I would like it. Because patients don’t feel much pain following the operation they tend to do too many things. While penis enhancement is a relatively straightforward and low risk operation, if patients don’t rest afterwards there is a higher risk of bleeding.

Does recovery from a penis enhancement inhibit a patient’s ability to urinate? When can they engage in sexual activity again?

Patients are able to urinate normally immediately afterwards. In terms of resuming sexual activity, the wound must be stable and dry so it’s advisable to wait four weeks, better six.

How worthwhile is penis enhancement surgery? Will the patient be able to notice a difference?

The patient satisfaction is really high for the procedure. The only thing you have to keep in mind is we can’t promise you in advance the length you will gain. On average it is 2.3 centimetres as a long term result.

Before the operation, you need to ask yourself if it’s the flaccid appearance of your penis you wish to change or if it’s the erect appearance. This is the best operation to change the outer appearance of the non-erect penis.

If the penis is erect you might not have such a big difference but if you are self-conscious about the size of your penis when you’re at the sauna or in the changing rooms, this can provide a noticeable change.

What is the age range of patients requesting penis enhancement surgery?

It’s really surprising; we have patients between 18 and 75 - there seems to be no age limit for the wish to change something about oneself. What is also surprising is that most patients we see have average size penises; they are not especially poorly endowed they just want a bit more. In Spain the average erect penis size is 14 cms (5.5 inches).

How much does penis enhancement surgery cost in Spain?

The enlargement surgery is around €3,800 and the fat transfer is around €2800, plus costs for the anesthesia.

Interested to learn more about penis enhancement surgery? Dr. Kästner is available for consultation at Ocean Clinic Marbella during the last two weeks of every month. Call 951 775 518 to make an appointment.

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