Friday, 9 December 2016

Designing the Perfect Smile at Ocean Clinic Marbella

If you are not happy with your teeth, you might think fixing your smile will be a big, expensive job, but oftentimes simply making a small change can have dramatic results.

Transformation with just four veneers

Our resident dentist Dr. Paul Arts frequently performs smile makeovers using just four veneers and/or teeth contouring.

“Although people are familiar with veneers, which are placed over a tooth to give it a different shape or size, they are often not aware of the results that can be achieved via contouring,” says Dr. Arts.

An example of contouring

“Contouring is about filing and shaping the edges of the teeth to achieve a more harmonious and smooth line. The effect can be amazing, with minimal treatment, and especially in combination with whitening.”

When patients come to see Dr. Arts, he uses specialist computer software to help him assess what treatment is needed to improve their smiles. The program measures the size of the teeth and shows their proportion in relation to each other. Each individual tooth can then easily be scaled up or down or a new tooth shape can be superimposed. Teeth can also be mirrored to simulate symmetry and their shade can be adjusted to simulate whitening.

“The simulation not only lets me create a treatment plan for my patients, it enables them to see what is achievable,” explains Dr. Arts. “I am able to show them the before and after comparison immediately on the screen and more easily explain the proposed treatment.”

He adds: “It also allows the patient to be more involved in their smile design. Once satisfied with the virtual design it can than be copied into their mouth.”

Where veneers are required, Dr. Arts offers two varieties – traditional porcelain, and more affordable composites. Porcelain veneers (and also the ultra thin Lumineers) are the best long lasting solution. Composite veneers are made from special tooth coloured dental filling and offer a quicker solution, but with an equally impressive aesthetic result.

Composite veneers are shaped around the tooth in the chair and can be done in one session, whereas porcelain veneers take two to four sessions as they are made in the dental laboratory. Because they are less labour intensive, composite veneers are around 65% cheaper than porcelain veneers, meaning a dazzling smile is within your reach.

For a smile assessment and tailored quote make an appointment with Dr. Paul Arts on (0034) 951 775 518.

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