Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Water-Jets - The Latest Innovation in Facelifts

The gentle power of water to rejuvenate the face was presented by Ocean Clinic’s Dr. Kaye to more than 400 surgeons at a meeting of Germany’s national association of plastic surgeons (DGPRAC).

Dr. Kaye

Speaking as part of a workshop organised by Human Med Germany, Dr. Kaye discussed the use of water-jets to separate the soft tissues during facelift surgery.
Dr. Kaye has been utilising the technique, known as ‘AquaLift’, as part of his signature Peeling Assisted Volume Enhancing (PAVE) facelift.

He says: “AquaLift is a particularly gentle method to use for facelifts. The soft tissue directly beneath the facial skin is gently detached using the fine fan-shaped water-jet while surrounding vessels and nerves remain largely intact. The skin can then be lifted and smoothed.

“Thanks to the gentle separation of the tissue structures, there is considerably less bruising and postoperative swelling, as well as a better healing process.”

Water-jets can also be used to help harvest fat from other parts of the body for transfer to the face, which is a key component of Dr. Kaye’s facial rejuvenation technique.

Unlike conventional liposuction techniques that use suction force to rupture and remove fat cells, water-jet assisted liposuction gently detaches the tiniest fat particles from the tissue, ensuring the cells remain largely intact and alive.

The harvested fat is prepared without damaging centrifugation and can be immediately reintroduced to the body.

Dr. Kaye explains: “Because fat harvested via water-jet assisted liposuction contains a higher number of living fat cells, the prospect of successful growth of the injected fat is better. This means fat will live on in the face providing long-lasting youthful plumpness.”

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