Friday, 8 January 2016

The Future of Beauty: 2016 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

“New Year, New You,” as the saying goes. In January many people make plans to lose weight, get in shape and revamp their appearance. 

At this time of year Ocean Clinic Marbella receives an extra high level of enquiries as people look forward to the year ahead with renewed optimism and determination to make the changes they dream about.

So what does 2016 have in store when it comes to cosmetic surgery? In 2015, we saw the rise of the Brazilian butt lift, where bigger seemed to be better, but this year surgeons are predicting a return to a more natural aesthetic.

Website surveyed board-certified doctors about their predictions for this year and this is what they said…

Good things come in small(er) packages

Increasing amounts of women are opting for smaller breast implants, according to 39% of surgeons questioned, and this trend is expected to continue. Smaller chested celebrity beauties such as Kate Hudson, Rihanna, and Gwen Stefani are helping drive the move away from super-sized breasts.

Says Head Surgeon at Ocean Clinic Dr. Kaye: “We are also seeing a desire for more natural looking breasts. As well as opting for smaller, teardrop-shaped implants, patients are requesting fat grafting to smooth the transition from chest to implant and get the most natural result possible.”

He adds: “We have also seen an increase in requests for breast reduction surgery from younger patients. This procedure seems to be becoming more popular in general.”


Luscious lips are on the wish list

Last year saw a big uptick in the number of lip-related requests from women, according to 30% of dermatologists and 43% of facial plastic surgeons. Kissable lips remain an object of desire in 2016, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner driving demand. 

“We have many requests for injectable fillers, which can enhance the volume of the lips for around a year, but we’re also offering a more permanent option with fat grafting,” says Dr. Kaye.

“This means taking some donor fat from elsewhere on the body, such as the tummy, and transplanting it to the lips. It is able to be transplanted as living tissue meaning the results can last many years and look incredibly natural.”


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Intimate surgery will complete ‘mummy makeovers’ in 2016

The so–called ‘mummy makeover’ which combined breast augmentation with tummy tuck and liposuction, will be enhanced this year with an additional procedure.

Nearly 40% of the surgeons in the poll believe there will be increased demand for vaginal rejuvenation procedures from woman who have given birth and want tightness restored.

“We can not only tighten the vagina, we can also reduce the size of the labia if it has become stretched or torn as a result of childbirth,” says Dr. Kaye.

“Excess labial tissue can be very uncomfortable, as well as making women feel self conscious, so this procedure can help restore mums’ confidence and boost their sex lives.”

More men to seek out cosmetic procedures

It’s becoming less of a taboo for men to undergo cosmetic procedures and there’s one in particular that more and more men are seeking out – neck surgery.

An overwhelming 68% of doctors say they expect to have more patients (mainly men) requesting work done on the chin or neck in 2016. 

Says Dr. Kaye: “The neck is an area of particular concern for men because it tends to be very noticeable above the shirt collar. If a patient has loose neck skin or fatty deposits under the chin it can hang over the collar and create an unflattering appearance.

“A chiselled jawline is a classic feature of masculinity, so removing excess tissue and restoring definition can do wonders for a man’s appearance and their confidence.”

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