Thursday, 13 August 2015

Dr. Kaye Heads to Africa to Perform Live Facelift Surgery

Ocean Clinic’s Head Surgeon Dr. Kaye will perform a facelift live in front of doctors from the Kenyan Society of Plastic Surgeons next week.

He will travel to the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, to present his signature PAVE-Lift (peeling-assisted volume enhancing lift) concept. The technique includes both facial peeling and fat grafting, blending surgical expertise with innovative anti-aging technology to maximise the aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Kaye has presented the PAVE-Lift concept at surgical meetings around the world to great acclaim.

“I’m honoured to be invited to present my technique in Nairobi,” he says. “Since publishing the PAVE-Lift concept there has been a lot of interest and I’m delighted to be able to share my ideas with my peers. I’m very interested in science and I enjoy teaching, I like to be able to combine it with my work.”

Also performing live surgery at the workshop will be Dr. Stasch, of Nairobi’s Valentis Clinic (pictured far left). It will be the second time the pair have collaborated this month - Dr. Stasch, a colleague of Dr. Kaye’s from Germany, visited Ocean Clinic last week to exchange skills and ideas.

The visit was filmed by a German TV crew who have been following Dr. Kaye for a week, shooting a documentary that will be aired in September.

As well as a taste of fame, staff at the clinic have enjoyed a trip to Tallinn in Estonia for Ocean Clinic’s Annual Congress. Every year, Dr. Kaye takes his team of 10 staff away for a few days of education and enjoyment. Previous destinations have included Marrakech in Morocco and Bilbao in Northern Spain.

“It’s to say thank you for all their hard work and to unwind away from the fast-paced environment of the clinic,” says Dr. Kaye.

He adds: “We had a wonderful time, visiting the museum of modern art and many beautiful medieval buildings. The food was really good, too, so we also ate a lot!”

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