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Top 5 Myths About Rhinoplasty

Many of us are unhappy with the appearance of our nose – maybe we think they’re too big, too wide, wonky, or have lumps and bumps that detract from our profile.

This belief can have a big impact on confidence and often leaves people unhappy with having their photo taken. Rhinoplasty (colloquially called a ‘nose job’) can alter the dimensions and shape of your nose giving you more pleasing proportions, however it is still considered by many to be a ‘major surgery’ and people are put off from undergoing it, fearing both pain and expense.

The truth is, although the surgery is complex, in the hands of an experienced surgeon it can be carried out quickly and without complication. Likewise, recovery and cost are probably not as extensive as you think.

Read on below as we bust some of the biggest myths about nose jobs…

1. Rhinoplasty is very expensive

In the past, rhinoplasty was a much more costly surgery, but thanks to developments in technique it can be carried out more efficiently and is consequently more affordable.

The cost of rhinoplasty at Ocean Clinic Marbella ranges from €3,500 to €6,000, depending on the extent of the surgery required (i.e. whether it is open or closed surgery and whether tip reshaping is also necessary).

Nose surgery can often be performed on an outpatient basis, under heavy sedation. This can dramatically bring down the cost of your surgery, since you will not be fully anesthetised and can go home afterwards.

Your surgery might not cost as much as you think it will – the way to know for sure is to book a free consultation and get a bespoke quote.

2. Rhinoplasty is very painful

When you see photos of rhinoplasty patients in their post-surgery nose splints, perhaps with bruising around the eyes, it’s natural to imagine that is very painful.

However, most patients report to feeling discomfort rather than pain. It is usual to feel tired, groggy and congested, like you have a cold, especially during the first couple of days once the anesthesia has subsided, but these symptoms are effectively managed with painkillers.

Normal energy levels soon return and patients often find that pain relief is no longer necessary after the first three to five days.

3. My breathing will be affected

Although you might be electing to have nose surgery purely for cosmetic reasons, your surgeon may well be able to also correct anatomical issues such as a deviated septum, actually improving breathing.

An experienced surgeon will pay very close attention to functional concerns when reshaping your nose in order to ensure breathing problems are avoided.

Breathing can be minimally impaired for a number of months by post-surgical swelling, however if problems persist they can normally be corrected with a minor procedure.

4. Recovery from nose surgery is extensive

A major concern for many people with busy schedules is the downtime, however people having this surgery usually return to work after just two weeks.

You will be able to have your nose cast removed after 10 days. While you might still have some swelling and bruising, this can be effectively disguised with camouflage makeup enabling you to go out without fear of funny looks and awkward questions.

The extent of bruising suffered really varies from person to person (and the extent of your surgery); some patients experience hardly any even in cases where they’ve had their noses broken and reset.

There are a number of things you can do pre and post surgery to speed up healing, such as stopping smoking and taking certain supplements. However, nearly all patients will find bruising fully healed 21 days after surgery.

Patients often worry about scarring, but a great deal of surgeries can be performed with no exterior incisions, and those that do are concealed in the natural folds of your nose and septum.

5. It will be obvious to everyone I’ve had a nose job

In situations where a patient has a very large or misshaped nose, surgery will indeed be obvious, but for those having a small bump filed away, or a drooping tip lifted, the effect will be subtler.

You will be surprised how few people actually notice. Instead, they will tell you that you look well, maybe ask if you’ve had a new haircut – although you look different it will be hard for them to identify why.

Nose reshaping is a delicate art. Removing one millimetre is often all it takes to dramatically improve the proportions of a nose so that it better suits the face. (See our before and after gallery)

A surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty surgery will understand how to create the most flattering profile without giving you an unnatural look; it is therefore not necessary for everyone to know about your surgery.

However, although the changes might be small, they can make a big difference to the way you feel. Being central to the face, the nose plays an important part in the overall look of our face. Often just a small tweak can bring your features into focus and give you the confidence you’ve always wanted.

If you’re unhappy with your nose, don’t suffer in silence. Make an appointment at Ocean Clinic Marbella for a free consultation to understand how we can address your concerns.

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