Friday 6 May 2016

International Cosmetic Surgery Meeting Comes to Marbella

Leading plastic surgeons from around the world will gather in Marbella this July to discuss best practice in cosmetic surgery.

The Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School (MIPSS) will be the first international plastic surgery meeting in the south of Spain.

The event is being organised by Dr. Kai Kaye, Head Surgeon at Ocean Clinic Marbella, with endorsement from the Spanish and German national societies for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery; SECPRE and DGPRAEC.

The event will take place over three days (July 28-30) and include presentations from 20 surgeons and specialists from all over Europe and Africa.

The doctors will lecture on topics such as using a patient’s own fat for breast enlargements and reconstructions, developments in gender reassignment surgery, and the procedure everyone is taking about, the ‘Brazilian butt lift’.

Dr. Kaye will lecture on his cutting-edge facelift techniques and demonstrate those techniques by performing live surgery at his clinic on Av Ramon y Cajal in central Marbella.

By inviting his colleagues to Spain, Dr. Kaye aims to break away from the large, industry-orientated surgical meetings and better facilitate collaboration.

“What we want to create is an annual, face-to-face event where plastic surgeons can share their honest experiences, discuss pearls and pitfalls of new techniques and contribute presentations within their field of expertise,” he says.

“The meeting will be a compact and condensed two and a half-days of live surgeries and presentations, allowing and specifically aiming for a direct and on-going exchange between all participants.”

The event will also feature a programme of social events, including a ‘Marbella clubbing experience’ for the young and young at heart. Around 40 participants are expected in total.

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